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Bandita (in dialect Ra Bandìa), a fraction of the Municipality of Cassinelle (AL), is a small town. The territory is hilly but rather steep and mainly wooded and therefore renowned for the growth of mushrooms.

Located in the center of the triangle formed by Sassello, Ovada and Acqui.

The Banditese territory is crossed in all its length by the Rio Meri, a stream with pristine waters and a fair water flow in its downstream stretch, a tributary of the Orba.

beautiful trails and excursions can be done in this little jewel of the world, much loved by its inhabitants.

The path 561 ANELLO DI BANDITA present on the site of the Province of Alessandria is a very welcome destination of ours which reserves for everyone truly great amazement for its naturalistic and landscape beauty.

The path climbs the ridge and then the path continues to a crossroads where it keeps to the right and after which you can appreciate beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding area; the route then descends on a mule track with a rough surface towards the wild locality of Pian dei Persi, then climbing up the slopes of the Poggio. You reach the Bric dei Grei which offers panoramic views over the wild surrounding area and, after crossing a small meadow area, you will come across the ruins of one of the old limits of the hunting reserve that gave rise to the name of the locality (Bandita).

Even if the origin of the toponym Bandita is rather controversial: popular tradition makes it simplistically go back to "bandits who would have taken refuge there"; the corresponding common Italian name suggests bandita in the sense of "hunting reserve", except that in the place Italian was never spoken until the century. XX.

Much more probable is the connection with the Provençal term "bandide" (opposite of "arribade"), which indicated the concept of "freeing the animals for grazing" (cf. ital. "In disarray") and which corresponded to a precise juridical institution (a sort of grazing right) also attested in western Liguria and Piedmont.

The inhabitants who love the small hamlet immeasurably like Renzo Cavanna, Gian Piero Maccio and all those involved in the Pro Loco have made the ancient bell tower that has become an attraction of the village and from which you can enjoy a splendid view can be visited:

be careful not to happen at the "o clock" at the top: the bell is still fully functional !!!


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