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Nordic Walking Passion promotes numerous services for its members aimed at promoting psycho-physical well-being and optimal physical fitness. Specifically, excursions and training sessions are organized with certified personal trainers, corporate fitness and group training.

We use Nordic Walking to achieve physical and mental well-being.

We also interact with the courses of the gyms to have a complete muscle training aimed at achieving a single goal: the well-being of the members.



A qualified Personal Trainer instructor will follow you to develop a personalized training program dedicated to the set goals. Together and periodically you will check the effectiveness of the planned work, maximizing the time dedicated to the rehabilitation of your body and your psychophysical well-being. Our instructors also organize sessions with you, the gym at your home in pure personal style, as in the illustrative photo.


Formation of your physical state of well-being. Our non-traumatic but gentle and relaxing workouts will allow you to reach an optimal shape in a short time. Greater tone of all muscle groups, improvement of coordination and movement control skills, increase in strength, with a consequent increase in mood. We collaborate with personal coaches who follow you in the nutritional sector so that your fitness is complete. Click here to contact your personal coach.

            GROUP TRAINING

Wellness Training Groups. Group physical activity in order to maximize the motor activity essential to achieve all the psychophysical benefits that this discipline can provide.

            MUSCLE TONE

With Nordic Walking you will achieve greater tone of all muscle groups. However, those wishing to define and perfect their muscle tone, we interact with gyms to maximize physical work. Our instructors, in concert with the trainers of the gyms affiliated to our business, will develop specific training schedules. In the blog you can see the bungy pump courses that can be used to increase your muscle tone.


Nordic Walking is by definition a gentle physical activity. As for the work on muscle tone, our instructors will support the trainers of the gyms with a joint series of exercises aimed at muscle strengthening. In the blog you can see the bungy pump courses that can be used for power up.

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