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Basic course for NWP card holder.

The basic course aims to bring to the attention of people interested in this sporting activity, the benefits of a correct walking with poles. The courses are held by certified instructors, selected through a course of high technical and professional training. The teaching is based on Technique, Posture and Way lessons each lasting ninety minutes. Courses are held on Saturday mornings and begin on the first Saturday of each month. Possibility for those who are busy on Saturday mornings to follow a weekly course during the lunch break (12.30 - 14.00). The basic course includes the NWP membership. For info on prices and dates: click here


The qualification of assistant instructor is the first step of our training course, which allows you to start organizing a physical-sporting activity in a complete and exhaustive way. Our training project will accompany the instructor candidate, through the level I course, to get closer and closer to a physical-sports training as a Nordic Walking Instructor.

Our qualifications are certified by CSEN, a primary Italian sports promotion body that adopts the SNAQ CONI protocol, by means of a sports technician card issued directly by the training institution to the new level I instructor.

Each assistant instructor will receive, after training and the final test at the end of the course, the Certificate that will certify his status.

After a period of training of 100 hours with a II level instructor, the new assistant instructor will be able to access the II level Instructor course.


He is a sports technician trained to be a teacher and trainer of new walkers. After attending a two-day course, the new aspirant will have achieved elements of postural gymnastics, personal training as well as his own teaching that includes many practical and applied aspects.

The qualification will be certified by CSEN with the issue of a certificate and a sports technician card that will qualify the newly aspiring II level instructor a trainer of new walkers.


BungyPump is the new multifunctional way to build fitness and endurance at the same time, suitable in personal trainer training. Using a stick with integrated suspension with variable resistance (between 4 and 10 kilos), you get a calorie consumption 70% higher than in a traditional workout. Bungypump sticks can be used for strengthening muscles, increasing calorie consumption and for achieving better physical fitness. With the Bungypump sticks you can walk, run and perform strength and strengthening exercises. For info on prices and dates: click here

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