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Posturalenergy embodies an innovative approach to the world of postural re-education. Drawing directly from the intelligence of nature, a system (Metamorphosis) is developed, aimed at the rediscovery of a conscious and harmonious contact with our body and consequently, with our emotions.

Awareness generates harmony and balance, drawing attention to the reality that surrounds us, to rediscover a natural mechanism of relationship with everything that exists, with curiosity, attention to detail and kindness.

The Metamorfosis method provides:

  • Activities based on correct posture and its regaining

  • Study of physiological and dysfunctional respiratory dynamics

  • Elements of breathing techniques applied to relaxation and classical meditation and walking

  • Techniques for awakening perception and body awareness

  • Integrated observation, as a basic technique for the creation of personalized work programs

The 4 elements of nature + 1 (earth-water-fire-air + ether) as innovative workout modules. The 4 modules + 1 are functional either individually or sequentially, according to the needs of the individual practitioner, athlete or sports group, as they are designed for wide-ranging use.

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