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National Walking Down Sports School Project

Nordic Walking Passion promotes a project of social interest for the creation of a national sports school dedicated to children affected by reliability in general.

This project was born from a single will and with two specific results. Including children with Down syndrome in the world of work. The two results are in the job inclusion that they can have and in the benefit of practicing a physical activity that will certainly improve their state of life. Our intent is to create a National Sports School that brings children with Down syndrome closer to a path of assistant instructor. These kids, attending our school, will learn the Nordic walking technique, improving their physical well-being, their coordination by doing group activities. Their training will be aimed at learning the techniques of walking and the management of a group on the way. The title they will achieve will be Assistant Instructor. Later they can be included in our tourism project A Card for sport and be valid collaborators of our instructors who accompany the sports groups on the way.

Our commitment is voluntary and we appeal to everyone's sensitivity so that they can participate in this project by signing their adherence to the 5 per thousand benefit for the ASDs, which the Italian State grants for these projects. Just indicate our tax code 96058790062 and put your signature in the box "Support for amateur sports associations recognized for sporting purposes by CONI in accordance with the law that carry out a significant activity of social interest" of your tax return Single Model or Model 730 .

Those who want to support us beyond 5permille will be able to subscribe to donations that are deductible from the tax return from the gross tax, to the extent of 19% of the amount paid. The tax deduction is granted on an amount not exceeding 19% of 1,500 euros.

Our guys thank you and invite you to see the video of our first athlete: Mirko, a smart guy.

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