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Our projects

Nordic Walking Passion is the promoter of numerous projects in the territories of Alessandria Asti and Monferrato, involving schools and the tourism sector. The goal is to promote the discovery of the territory in conjunction with the benefits of Nordic Walking.

School sector

The project is aimed at lower secondary schools and upper secondary schools, with extension to primary schools limited to fifth grades.

It is proposed to provide the necessary tools to allow a coherent interpretation of the Motor Education Programs.

First of all, the educational aspect expressed by the programs is considered, without losing sight of the fact that the involvement of people occurs at the level of the cognitive, motor and affective areas.

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Movement nutrition project

Nordic Walking is an effective motor activity for our body, but with a light impact and suitable for all ages, in any season.

Practicing Nordic Walking means involving all the muscle groups up to about 90% of the body.

Act completely to optimize tone, increasing calorie consumption, lowering blood sugar, improving oxygenation and lung capacity and eliminating symptoms due to poor posture or a sedentary lifestyle.

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Tourism sector

Nordic Walking School Alessandria is dedicated to spreading a physical activity that thinks above all of well-being and little of competition. A sport suitable for everyone, to be practiced in the open air that allows you to recover your physical shape, but also direct contact with nature.

Nordic Walking was born to all intents and purposes as a simple sport. In reality, those who have been practicing it for some time and are aware of its usefulness, understand that it is not only a valid method to keep one's body fit, but it translates into excellent opportunities for recreation, for the discovery of unknown places. , motif of aggregation animated by a feeling of love for the environment.

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