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Nordic Walking: experiential tourism in Monferrato

I accompany people in Monferrato on excursions with the Nordic Walking technique. It takes very little to discover new views and new friends. A pair of Nordic walking shoes, a backpack and a pair of poles. In two years I have accompanied more than 2,000 tourists to Monferrato who have discovered unknown places. The mistake that many of you make when organizing a trekking in Monferrato is not to rely on a hiking guide.

In my blog I will give you five suggestions to make your experience in Monferrato an unforgettable experience, a guideline.

Tip 1 - Avoid being a DIY tourist.

The hiking guide is a professional who makes you live a unique experience. It gives you information on the trek you are doing. If he is also a Nordic Walking Instructor like I am, he will assist you in your Nordic Walking technique, correcting postural errors so that you can have a comfortable and less tiring walk. Before proposing an excursion, the guide-instructor has already dedicated several hours of work to the event that will make you live. He will have carried out a design on the map, will have verified the trace made on the map by evaluating the degree of difficulty, the altimetry and the condition of the path that will take you along. He has already thought of everything you could think of when you are in that place, eliminating the problems to accompany you in a day without problems.

Tip 2 - Contact the guide for details.

The guide-instructor knows perfectly what he will propose to you, so do not hesitate to contact me. I will provide you with all the information you need so that you can spend a nice time in Monferrato. If you are a hiker, I will provide you with information on the clothing you will need depending on the season, if you are a Nordic walker I will advise you on the Nordic walking shoe suitable for walking on the route. But not only. I will be able to give you advice on restaurants, B & Bs, hotels to spend a great stay in Monferrato. All this is part of my work and my profession and I will be happy to put it at your disposal.

" The goal is to leave" Giuseppe Ungaretti

Tip 3 - Experiential moments

But my work doesn't end there. You will live a unique experience, a constant emotion in your excursion because I do not just accompany you on the path. I will let you know the peculiarities of the place chosen by you for your excursion. A museum, a cellar, a wine, a particular food production. These are just a few suggestions of what will enrich your walk. My philosophy is to let you know and taste the territory.

Tip 4 - Consult my channels to choose the destination.

If you want to have info on what I have already done you can consult the social channels of NWP Alessandria and my personal ones. On Youtube you can view the Nordic Walking Alessandria channels and Aessedi Naturalistic Guides to learn about our excursions and the history of the area. On the NordicWalkingAlessandria website in the Events section you have the updated calendar of upcoming releases and if you want to book, you can download the telephone APP or go to the Guide Aessedi website and book your excursion, simply by clicking on RSVP.

Tip 5 - Join the group

Join the Monfreedom Hikers group. Just click on this link and subscribe to the group of hikers. You will be able to chat with them and get to know who will come to walk with you. Each of our excursions is directly linked to this group.

Book the next excursion

So all you have to do is book your next excursion to Monferrato to come and walk with us. I am already ready to walk with you.


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